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4K and Fedora?

12 January 2014 by jzb

Decided that mere 2560×1440 resolution was just not cutting it on the desktop, so I ordered a 39″ Seiki 4K monitor on Amazon. Should be arriving tomorrow. Wondering if anyone else in Fedoraland has set one of these puppies up, and if so – what video card and drivers you’re using?

I have a Dell dual-Xeon workstation with a nVidia Quadro NVS 295. A bit of googling suggests that it might have trouble driving something with a resolution higher than 2560×1600. Any experience with this video card and Fedora would also be welcome!

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  1. I just built a system with a Haswell i5 4670 and a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H motherboard. The integrated graphics card will do 4096×2160 @24Hz on the HDMI port according to the manual

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